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For many years Eden Orchards have noticed the positive effects of eating cherries. They noticed that at the start of each season our sleeping would significantly improve but they would then slip back into our old routines of restless nights when the season finished. They had to find a way to make cherries available all year round, so they began their research into cherry juice and started developing our product. In 2017 they finally had a product that had a wonderful taste and embodied all of the benefits that fresh cherries are known for:

Sleep Aid
Research shows that sweet cherries grown in NZ are a natural source of melatonin. This hormone is necessary for not just sending you to sleep, but also helping you stay asleep.

Inflammation and Pain Relief
Cherries contain anthocyanins which have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Research conducted at Michigan State University found "the anthocyanins that make cherries red could also help relieve pain more effectively than aspirin".

Reduction in Gout & Arthritis
Research suggests cherries may help reduce Gout attacks by reducing uric acid levels and Osteoarthritis by working directly on inflammation, through the positive effects of anthocyanins. A study by the Boston University Medical Center found that "Cherry intake was associated with a 50 percent lower risk of gout flares over a 48-hour period".

Recommend Serving Sizes
Many of our customers have seen beneficial results with as little as 50ml per night. For severe conditions, our customers have been increasing the daily intake to 100ml. Of course you can also just drink it every day because it tastes delicious!

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